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Hypoglycemia, The Other Sugar Disease

By Anita Flegg---(TCM book review) This informative book will be of interest to sufferers of hypoglycemia as well as anybody who is interested in knowing about the disease or suspects they may have it. The author is not a doctor or expert, so the book is more a practical guide that offers general information without being too detailed or technical. That said, the book seems to be well researched, as one can guess from the extended bibliography.

Major topics include what hypoglycemia is, the symptoms, diagnosis, testing and interpretation, the Do’s and Don’ts, the use of supplements, among others. Flegg compares various diets like the South Beach Diet, Rosedale, and Atkins and their influences on hypoglycemics.

At the end there’s also a helpful workbook to help hypoglycemics keep track of their dietary progress step by step. The information is well organized and structured, the language straight forward, and the style engaging.

If you’re new to hypoglycemia, this is the perfect book to begin with before jumping into heavier books. It will give you a general, clear idea of this misunderstood condition that strikes so many people.

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Hypoglycemia, The Other Sugar Disease


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