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21 Riding the Tides of Life

Raymond D. Tremblay tells the story of Greta Ludwig, a 29-year-old Franco-Ontarian and Métis widow who is a successful bookstore owner in Ottawa. Due to the stress she encounters in her young life, she experiences a mental breakdown and requires psychiatric hospitalization. Once she is discharged, she is introduced to a psychiatrist who begins to play an important role in her life. To facilitate her recovery, she volunteers at the Shepherds of Good Hope, an organization serving the homeless in Ottawa. Once she regains her self-confidence, she becomes a frontline worker in their men’s shelter but is physically assaulted by one of their residents. Will this incident trigger another manic phase of her underlying illness? Will she be able to return to work with the homeless? Will the support of family, friends, professionals and her unfailing faith in her Creator and Mother Earth be sufficient to give her the strength to cope with life’s future challenges? 206 pp.

ISBN: 978-0-9865373-2-5

Price: $24

Category: Fiction

Available: Books on Beechwood, 35 Beechwood, Ottawa; Teastore, 53 York, Ottawa.



or call the author, Raymond Tremblay at 613-746-9926.

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21 Riding the Tides of Life


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