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17 The Avoidable Crash (Soft-cover or download)

by Derek A. White—A critical take on why the American economy is in trouble, how it could have been avoided,..

20 My Life Story: Born in 1920—still going strong

Ronald Robertson wanted to show future generations the changes that had taken place in his lifetime from the 1920s to the present day...

21 Riding the Tides of Life

Raymond D. Tremblay tells the story of Greta Ludwig, a 29-year-old Franco-Ontarian and Métis widow who is a successful bookstore owner in Ottawa...

32 In my garden: Journal and Basic Gardening Help

by Evelyn Kemp Budd— More useful and meaningful than any tool in the shed.  Keep a record and/or write memories of what you love best about your garden,..

33 Budd Garden catalogue: Hostas and perennials

Budd Gardens / Budd Publishing embarked on a major project in 2005 with a 128 page colour catalogue that includes over 500 photos and newly expanded descriptions of the plants...

35 Rothwell United Church: Our First Fifty Years

The history and personal reflections of Rothwell United Church members. Rothwell United has always been a dynamic and welcoming church...

Get Started!

Getting started when not sure what is involved is difficult (and often a mistake).This call is to answer your questions concerning your book project and what next steps would be th..

Hypoglycemia, The Other Sugar Disease

By Anita Flegg---(TCM book review) This informative book will be of interest to sufferers of hypoglycemia as well as anybody who is interested in knowing about the disease or..

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